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Sell a Vehicle

Selling Your Vehicle Made Easy  //  At AutoMate, we understand that selling your vehicle can be a time-consuming task and a major hassle. That is why we offer our unique service. We can evaluate, appraise, and purchase your vehicle right from the convenience of your home or office, and coordinate the sale with any new vehicle purchase.

Do you need to sell your current vehicle? We specialize in finding a buyer for your trade-in that will pay you substantially more than wholesale (Black Book) value for your vehicle.

By using our service you will avoid the following hassles and expenses:

1.  Accepting bottom dollar from dealerships for your trade.
2.  Placing expensive online or newspaper ads.
3.  Receiving calls at your home or office — day and night.
4.  Spending endless time waiting to show your vehicle.
5.  Worrying about strangers coming to your home.
6.  Inspecting your vehicle (safety and emissions).
7.  Coordinating payment, title, and registration transfers.

Contact Us Today  //  Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation, and see how we can save you time and aggravation on the sale of your vehicle.

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